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Decidim Fest 2023 workshop: Technopolitical Transitions: Expectations and Promises in Decidim

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Carrer de Concepción Arenal 165, El Congrés i els Indians, Barcelona, Barcelona, Catalunya, Espanya
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Decidim Fest takes place on October 18, 19 and 20, 2023 with the theme Democracy, Technology and Collective Intelligence. Within the framework of the event, Becoming, with Holon and Tecnopolitica, will be conducting the workshop 'Technopolitical Transitions: Expectations and Promises in Decidim'.


Socio-technical and eco-social transitions toward more sustainable and democratic societies require specific postures and mindsets, new ways of designing, theories of change and visions for transitions.

Decidim is the result of an ever-extending community of practice, a participatory governance infrastructure, a design and organizational culture, and the crystallization of visions of desirable futures.

This session is oriented to test a toolkit that allows to elicit, explore, and expand such visions. Considering Decidim as a prefigurative technopolitical project (and movement) made out of matter and meaning, this toolkit aims to design with expectations for technopolitical transitions. Expectations are semiotic-material and political forces. They are collective visions of the future that coordinate behaviour, meaning and affect in the present.


  1. Understand what kind of promises and expectations are managed within the Decidim community
  2. Stimulate promises and expectations of technopolitical transition


Introduction (15 minutes)

  • Welcome and overview of the project and brief introduction to sociology of expectations and promises

Toolkit testing (60 minutes)

  • Identify socio-technical promises and expectations within Decidim community
  • Understand how these promises and expectations are sought to be realised
  • Find what are the limitations of these promises and expectations
  • Use fiction to stimulate promises and expectations to challenge assumptions and objectives
  • Designing actions to shift the promises and expectations from the niche of the Decidim community to other areas of society

Wrap-up and conclusion (15 minutes)

  • Key highlights and takeaways
  • Evaluation and improvement proposal

The workshop takes place in the Margarita Salas room

Más información

La descripción del taller se puede encontrar aquí y el programa completo de Decidim Fest 2023 en este enlace.

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